BRIGHT BRUSSELS 2018 - Ayman Ghazali and Katarzyna Chłodek (ULB STUDENTS) - LePolus

BRIGHT BRUSSELS 2018 - Ayman Ghazali and Katarzyna Chłodek (ULB STUDENTS)

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BRIGHT BRUSSELS 2018 - Ayman Ghazali and Katarzyna Chlodek (ULB STUDENTS)

Designing a light installation in a public space in Brussels, was the challenge of this year's competition: "Bright Brussels".

Ayman Ghazali and Katarzyna Chłodek , share with us their artistic, interactive, and playful light installation, simply captivating...

Installation "PERFECT ILLUSION" is located in PLACE MARCHE AUX PARCS while walking throught the square, our attention was brought by the memorial "monument aux autos-blindés" that commemorates spirits of people who died in world wars, the dizzying page of XXI century world resulted in complete ignorance of the space, nobody is aware of its meaning anymore.

The installation and a path it creates, highlights the importance of the space and the memorial on its own. the name and an abstract form that we notice at the first glance relates to the chaos the war creates.

Approaching from the direction of "quais a la houille street" seemingly , randomly located pieces of the structure create the meaning - "WAR". The word is visible but not highlited music that we coposed brings the dark atmosphere to the space..."

People coming from "Quais au barques street" can easily notice the contrary flashy word "PEACE" appears taking over the attention of the observer. The combination of peaceful music and the light that wins with the darkness make us realise that peace won.

Wars are over but the memory of people that lost their lives during that time should stay in our mind forever.

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