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Roll'n Go - Malik Derman & Ossama Chaabane

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 Roll'n Go - Malik Derman & Ossama Chaabane

LePolus has the great pleasure of sharing with you Ossama Chaabane and Malik Derman's project: ROLL'N GO (participation in the reTHINKING architecture contest).
This how they summarize the concept of their project:

"Designing an eco-house in the Sahara is very challenging. Mobility and the extreme weather give a sense of eternity to this unique, and unforgettable landscape.

How can we provide an architectural solution of housing for the nomad people of the Moroccan Sahara in such a brutal environment where constantly moving is the only way to survive.

  To solve these problems a module made by the local materials is adopted. It’s made by the camel’s hair and goat’s skin. The panel is easy to transport and flexible.

The module is so flexible and gives the nomad the opportunity to have a lot of tent’s shapes depending on their needs. The interior space is livable : it is cold in the morning and warm in the night) thanks to the panel’s materials. 

The interior of the tent is designed by taking in consideration the nomadic culture : A rest area to sleep and cook and a socio-cultural area (common space) for their special events.

By re-thinking the lifestyle of the nomadic people, this concept of desrt housing, including modern architectural concepts. Every single time the nomads unbuild and re-build their tent, they end up with a different tent shape that suits their needs of the moment. 

The nomadic experience is totally renewed with this tent concept. 

You just have to Roll it 'n Go  " 

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