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WIAM AZHAR - A young talented artist

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WIAM AZHAR - A young talented artist

At 18 years of age, Wiam Azhar ( a student in Ena Rabat ) is an art lover, who loves painting.
This is how Wiam answered when she was asked abour her biggest inpiration:

"I love to look at what other creative artists post on social media, especially on Instagram and Pinterest."
".. Their work, their style, the techniques they use to create makes me want to get better and learn more. I focus a lot on face portraits, it does not matter if it's a well known figure, a model, or even a totally random face I found on the internet. I m a huge fan of drawing faces. The anatomy of the human face can be really fascinating. It shows, for me, tthe existence of relative beauty."
"I draw, and paint, because I have fun doing it. I have never had any academic courses whatsoever, my only weapon is spontaneity."

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