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Mouna Moumni's Artwork

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Mouna Moumni (an architecture student in Ena Rabat), is an aspiring artist who shared her work with us today. Fascinated by the human faces and compositions, her quest is to capture different expressions and emotions, and with every work of art, she tries to deliver a message, an idea or maybe a poem.

"Médusa" - Every person's life is cursed by something, either the absence of wealth, health or luck...
what to do if mine was the presence of people themselves

"The spirit children were everywhere her companions, and everywhere they left her lonesome yet they no more bore her resentment than a seed resents uneaten fruit. Like pet gnats, like phophorescence, like sighs on a string, they would follow her into eternity."

So much to say. No one to talk to. 

A forbidden lust.

Even the devil was once an angel, she said.

It was right there when it hit him, staring at the reflexion of his disturbing wrinkly face, as his sweat and tears have melted his makeup, he took a moment and said: "I'm too old for this sh**!"

"El abrazo" my version of "the kiss" by Gustav Klimt.

How marvellous can a composition of eyes nose and mouth create an infinite number
of faces and expressions.

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