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It wasn't until the early 20th century that collage art really came into its own.
Kurt Schwitters is credited with being the first to do it. However, some argue that Picasso did it first. 
Ranging from newspapers and magazines to maps, tickets, propaganda, photographs, ribbons, postage stamps, paint, text and found objects, the elements of collage participate in a handy creative process of putting artworks together and even breaking them apart, in an artistic explorations unto the unknown.
LePolus has the pleasure to share with you one of the aspiring young artist: Oumaima Zhar, an architecture student in Ena rabat, who utilizes collage as a space for experimenting with the photos she either takes, or chooses to work with.
She expresses herself ,and makes "collages that have a purpose" and "link them to some personal writing".

Jame3 square.

Collage about chaos. What mass media is covering vs what it should cover.

I think this could remind me of an orange, a blue one.

Dressed as the fountain that irrigates you... He's actually an endless desert that digs for your moist to keep his oisis alive.
You are his prey, you, an open river on the edge of drought.

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