#TPFE_2020 : Khalil Benzeroual - The power Plant Airport - LePolus

#TPFE_2020 : Khalil Benzeroual - The power Plant Airport

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Khalil Benzeroual - The power Plant Airport

Architecte : Khalil Benzeroual (Lauréat de l'Ecole Nationale de l'Architecture de Rabat)  

Encadrant : Abdesslam Basset

Lieu : Rabat
Programme : Aéroport - (Projet de fin d'étude)
Année : 2020

"The Power Plant Airport is designed to host a Beam-Down Solar Thermal Concentrator, therefore becoming the first net zero energy+ airport in the world. Morocco has without a doubt, the capacity to prove to the world that real prosperity does not reside in having energy-intensive constructions, but in ecofriendly projects. When tackling the issues of sustainability, we rarely get to see interventions been made on large scale buildings such as airports that consume massive amounts of energy. With Climate change being Worse than anything earth has experienced in the past century, the risk of doing irreversible damage to the planet is but a step away. The Power Plant Airport is here to demonstrate that if we can make a net zero energy airport, then we should be able to do it to any architectural typology.

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