#TPFE_2020 : Mohamed Amine Blidry - Rabat green lungs and Rabat mixed used Towers - LePolus

#TPFE_2020 : Mohamed Amine Blidry - Rabat green lungs and Rabat mixed used Towers

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Mohamed Amine Blidry - Rabat Green Lungs and Rabat Mixed Used Towers

 Architecte : Mohamed Amine Blidry (Lauréat de l'Ecole Nationale de l'Architecture de Rabat)  

Encadrant : Abdesslam Basset

Lieu : Rabat
Programme : renouvellement urbain et tours a usage mixtes - (Projet de fin d'étude)
Année : 2020


"Rabat Green lungs will be the long-planned leap in the city of Rabat and across its coastline, where the capital seizes the unique opportunity to expand into the city’s coastal areas. On a large scale, the development will link the city center to the west of Rabat, but this development also has special significance as a landscape axis of the Rabat coast, We saw the need for a new approach to planning for the 21st century that would solve the most complex urban development challenges of today. The program builds on the current presentation and identity of the site by taking the streets, buildings and characteristic objects of the neighborhood as starting points, a new layer is added to the neighborhood , The main objective is to develop RGL as a productive district following a new ideal of the city, in which work and life merge after decades of separation of functions. The productive district is innovative, like a living laboratory that pays renewed attention to the manufacturing economy - stimulated by the transition to a circular economy

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"The design of "Rabat Mixed used towers" is an exploration of vertical urbanism and offers a new solution for high density urban mixed use in Africa. With its dynamic and unique mix of programs combining shops, offices, a museum, hotels and entertainment venues, RMUt creates an urban oasis that is both sensitive and culturally significant for the city of Rabat

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