Story/Vison through the lens of Amine Houari - LePolus

Story/Vison through the lens of Amine Houari

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Our built environment is evolving along with its challenges and complexities. As freshly graduated practicing architects, our mission have roots in our realization of the fact that architects and everybody in the industry of architecture need tools to do more and better. The process of becoming a better architect is not a linear process: Both knowledge/tools are needed along with Inspiration to face the challenges and become better.

Since its creation in 2018 by Mouad Ouardassi and Ossama Chaabane, LePolus has not strayed  from its main mission which is constantly selecting what we judge as Inspiring/Informative content, as well as projects that we consider as references in architectural design/Creations , thus presenting you with the best content through a fascinating look into how people from around the country think architecture.

As we grow, the LePolus Team is working continually, along with Architects and creatives all over Morocco. Lepolus' core mission is to empower moroccan architects by connecting them to designers, artists, and creatives all over our country. Architects of the 21st century can only move and evolve by exchanging with people from different disciplines. Being aware of what's happening in the world is a major tool in the understanding of our main subject: Architecture in Morocco...

LePolus Team are persuaded that information about the field of architecture in Morocco is blurry, and believe that change in what is being zoomed on can bring real change in our field. A Change that we judge necessary to keep up with the Moroccan context that is rapidly changing and reshaping all its cores. is a web magazine along with an open source Blog. It is a platform where ideas and concepts are discussed and brought to reality. The open source blog on the other hand is completely open for architects/creatives to post articles/ projects that fall into the category of: Architecture in Morocco. 

Do you want to join the content team?

We're happy to announce that we are growing our team of talented writers.

If you have a good sense of what is newsworthy and appropriate for our audience, and you are motivated to become a writer on our Blogger platform, send us an email to receive an invite and get access to our blog:

Photos of the founders were taken by the talented: Amine Houari

Amine Houari ©

Amine Houari ©

Amine Houari ©

Amine Houari ©

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