Youssef Chajai and Iris Kodal : Forgetting Architecture - Disappearance, Erasing, Permanence - LePolus

Youssef Chajai and Iris Kodal : Forgetting Architecture - Disappearance, Erasing, Permanence

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Youssef Chajai et Iris Kodal : Forgetting Architecture - Disappearance, Erasing, Permanence  



Credits: Youssef Chajai, Iris Kodal
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Status: Graduation project
Supervised by : Reza Azard


"How do you unveil a reality ? Where does the city's infrastructure stand ? How does a precarious population, the other half, live in the middle of an urbanity that is being transformed into a showcase city? 

This thesis proposes the need to unveil the realities that we prefer to ignore. The city of Istanbul in Turkey is taken as a case study. This city is anchored in a radical policy and is reflected in its architecture. It tries to make people forget what has made its authenticity. The revelation of what seems to have been forgotten is articulated in three moments :
    - An opening through the remains :  The underground hydraulic infrastructures.

    - An Apperance on the surface, by removing the layers that hide what has been forgotten. The story takes place in two scenarios : The exhumation of the cisterns so that they can once again take their place in the thickness of the city, and the integration of a precarious population, which seems condemned of their rights to the city.

    - Finally, there is stagnation, marked by the permanence in architecture. The latter is returning to a primary and archaic language.  "




Incomplete, unfinished architectures participate in the construction of public shelters. These are the profile of Istanbul's street craftsmen and their often neglected popular practices. In a slow constructive narrative, these architectures offer a constant street spectacle. Inviting the user to take ownership of the construction site and to capture the moments of the evolution of the projects.
Thus encouraging the reintegration of a forgotten urban infrastructure : the cistern; and of a forgotten population: the street vendors, 12 incomplete architectures appear in illustrations in cyanotype prints and models.




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