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FIFTH WAVE | Amine Khallaf - Tatiana Ryzhova - Maria Zolotukhina

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A project by: Amine Khallaf - Tatiana Ryzhova - Maria Zolotukhina

The Fifth Wave is an architectural project of the Volga coastal area in Samara, where the embankment zone is already five kilometers long and is the longest in Russia. The fifth stage of the embankment will connect the right and left parts of the existing coastal space.


The two parts of the embankments will meet surrounded by the industrial heritage of Samara, the presence of a dense historical frame and incredible panoramic views - a brand of territory that is capable of creating new ideas and culture. The Fifth Wave is a “meeting place” for two embankments, cultures, historical events, people and opinions. These are emotions, events, legacy and potential.

Respect for heritage:

The relief of the project area set the appearance of the embankment long before. Climbs, pits, slopes - it's all unique and natural at the same time. "The fifth wave" - ​​preserved and emphasized all the existing curves, giving them "eternity" in smooth architectural forms.

Respect for the industrial heritage, as well as for the history, culture and “portrait” of the city, has become an international trend. The identity of the space is an important aspect of the Fifth Wave project - these are information anchors, thanks to which interest in tourism is growing. A careful approach is a guarantor of attracting a tourist flow to the territory, which increases the efficiency, use of the territory, increases the number of its visitors and brings the territory to the international level.

Project program:

An important aspect is the possibility of introducing the embankment into the industrial territories of the Zhiguli Brewery. This reveals its tourist potential, opening it up to the public, integrating it into the fabric of the city.

The project contains a program that is able to attract a multipurpose audience of different ages to the territory. The Fifth Wave takes into account various social areas in the program: holding free festivals and events, providing new jobs, daily activities for different seasons, a comfortable and accessible environment with a rich choice of pastime scenarios. A successful synthesis of functions that allows you to create an innovation territory with an effective socio-economic atmosphere.

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